Don't Let The Sun Ruin Your Fishing Fun

Don't Let The Sun Ruin Your Fishing Fun

Fishing during the months of July and August can bring out some unbearable heat. And if you have fished during some of those conditions, you probably have fell victim to some things you probably could have prevented. With a few tools and a little forethought, some of these heat related issues can be avoided.

Fishing a tournament during the dog days of summer? Been deducted weight off your bag because of dead fish in the live well due to the water temp being too high? Instead of buying several bags of ice in the morning that are only going to last so long, use (and re-use) Arctic Ice’s Chillin’ Brew ice packs. Due to its larger surface area, Arctic Ice Chillin’ Brew will last much longer in the live well than several smaller pieces of ice. The Chillin’ Brew ice packs also stay colder longer than traditional ice as well. If you can, start with cool water right from the get go and throw the Arctic Ice packs in right away rather than throwing the ice in when you catch a fish. It is much easier to keep water cool that was cool to begin with rather than filling up your live well with cool water that warmed up and then you try to cool it down again.  Keep a floating thermometer in that live well and keep that water at least 80 degrees or lower.  This tip is also handy if you’re out catching a bunch of fish for the frying pan.

Arctic Ice Chillin' Brew Reusable Ice Pack

How many times have you gone out the night before a planned trip to the lake and caught a bunch of night crawlers only to have them turn to mush because someone left them sit out in the sun for an hour or two? Using the small .75 LB Arctic Ice Chillin’ Brew, set it on top of the worm bedding inside your favorite bait storage box. It will keep them worms nice and cool all day and help you catch more fish!

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